About Us

MASTER-PROF is a brand specialized in cutting tools born in 1990 to bring to the industrial market a wide variety of products and be a useful solution for professionals.

Our brand supplies various industry sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Metallurgical, and Chemical taking into account jobs such as drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping, milling, and turning.

Regarding the products, we have a pervasive and versatile variety – Drills, Bushings, Buris, Dies, Desanders, Abrasive Discs, Lamela Discs, Segmented Discs, Mills, Saw Tapes, Taps, Mandrels, Sprays, among others. Our tools are mainly composed of HSS, HSSE (5% Co), HSSE (8% Co), PMX, and Carbide, speeding up and streamlining milling and drilling operations.

We are increasingly known for our items and the quality/price ratio. Our mission is to continue to evolve to offer our customers excellent and reliable service.