MASTER-PROF® is a brand specialized in cutting tools that was born in 2005 with the aim of bringing to the market a wide range of industrial products and a useful solution for professionals.

Our brand serves various industry sectors such as Metallurgical Industry, Automotive Industry, Chemical Industry, Aerospace Industry, Energy Sector and Construction Sector taking into account work such as drilling, widening, reaming, threading, milling and turning. .

Regarding the products we have a range of quite extensive and versatile products - Drills, Mills, Taps, Blade Discs, Abrasive Discs, Segmented Discs, Technical Sprays, Saw Ribbons, Turning Blades, Reamers, among others. Most of our tools are HSS, HSSE (5% Co), HSSE (8% Co), PMX and Carbide accelerating and improving milling and drilling operations.

Today we feel one more bet won, with each passing day MASTER-PROF® is known for its articles and performance price / quality. We will always keep improving, to offer our customers an excellent and reliable service.